Farming Tools And Equipment And Their Uses

Equipment for agriculture: classification and types, purpose and application.

Cultivation of different types of crops is a long and very time-consuming process. And of course, without the use of all kinds of modern technology to get a good harvest to a farmer or agricultural holding is unlikely to succeed. There are a lot of different equipment for growing cereals, roots, vegetables, flowers, etc. Manufacture of such equipment for agriculture is mainly engaged in the machine-building industry.


Part of the farm and agricultural holding fund may be:

  • electrical equipment;
  • harvesting equipment;
  • tractor;
  • sowing equipment;
  • sprayers;
  • tillage machinery;
  • forage harvesters.

Farming Tools And Equipment And Their Uses

The equipment produced by the modern agricultural industry is able to meet literally all the needs of an agro holding or farm. Each of these machines is designed to perform specific tasks and has its own set of characteristics.

Electrical equipment in farms

The main purpose of devices and units of this group is, of course, the provision of electricity to farms. The following types of equipment of this type can be used in farms:

  • electrical engineering;
  • control and measuring;
  • automation equipment;
  • (luminaires, etc.) lighting fixtures, etc.

Without such devices and units on the farm it will be impossible to equip ventilation, provide lighting, operation of milking machines. Cream and butter cannot be made without separators, milk cannot be stored without refrigerators, etc.

Farming Tools And Equipment And Their Uses

Seeding machines and equipment for agriculture

This type of equipment is mainly used in agricultural complexes specializing in plant growing. But sometimes such equipment is also purchased by livestock farms. Farms of this specialization often have, among other things, sown areas where crops and root vegetables are grown, which are used as fodder for livestock.

This group includes equipment such as

  • seed drills;
  • storage tanks;
  • bunkers.

Seed drills, as already indicated by their name, are intended for planting grain crops..
Storage tanks and bunkers in farms contain seed.

Farming Tools And Equipment And Their Uses

Agricultural equipment: Harvesters

This class of equipment includes, of course, combines. These machines can be used for harvesting wheat, rye, maize, etc. Almost any modern combine harvester can perform three functions at once: cutterbars, threshers and drills.

Also, equipment such as the harvester can be classified as part of the harvesting equipment group:

  • row cutterbars;
  • mowers.

The latter type of technology is most commonly used in hay production for farm animals. Rowing cutters, as well as combine harvesters, are used on farms for harvesting various types of grain.

Farming Tools And Equipment And Their Uses


Such agricultural equipment is produced in huge quantities by the industry. Such equipment is the most popular on farms and in agricultural holdings. Tractors are used in agriculture very widely. Farm funds can include both caterpillar and wheeled machinery of this type. The second type of tractors is the most popular in farms. Crawler models on farms are mainly used only in problem areas.

Various types of farming operations are carried out on these machines using additional attachments. For example, such types of tools as these can be produced by enterprises for agriculture:

  • seed drills;
  • harrows;
  • mowers;
  • ploughs, etc.

Tractors used in agriculture can be equipped with different engine powers. Cabins of modern machines of this type are usually distinguished by a high degree of comfort and are equipped with heaters and air conditioners.


This type of agricultural equipment can be produced as attachments or trailers. Self-propelled sprayers are also often used in farms and agricultural holdings.

The tank volume of such equipment can vary from 200 to 2000 litres. Sprayers in agriculture are used to treat fields with herbicides and insecticides. That is, this technique is mainly used for weed and pest control. Also about .
This type of hooking can be used for spraying liquid fertilisers. The machines of this type are usually attached to wheeled tractors.

Forage harvesters

This class of agricultural equipment includes, for example:

  • tedders;
  • balers;
  • bale wrappers;
  • rakes;
  • bale trailers.

Mowers can also be classified in this category of equipment. Very often, forage harvesters are also used on farms. This can be a technique, e.g. for harvesting beetroot, potatoes, etc.

This type of equipment can be used to cut grass, condition and dry it, form rolls, press rolls and pack them in a special film. The trailers carry the prepared forage to the storage areas.

Farming Tools And Equipment And Their Uses

Soil tillage equipment

Such agricultural equipment and tools are also available in a very wide range. The use of modern technology is of course necessary not only for planting and harvesting different types of crops, but also for growing them. For example, the class of tillage equipment can be classified as soil tillage equipment:

  • harrows;
  • ploughs;
  • screw rollers, etc.

This technique is used to improve the quality of the land. Ploughs are used to make the soil loose and suitable for growing crops. Of course, nothing will grow on fallow land. Harrows are used to level the fields and destroy the crust in order to prevent the soil from drying up.

Screwdrivers in agriculture are used to compact land in fields. That is, for compacting the topsoil. This procedure helps to reduce the loss of planting material and to achieve a more consistent crop flow.

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